A simplified walkthrough of how our partner R;pple utilizes our Wifi to DNS filtering in order to intercept harmful searches and provide users access to mental health support.

An overview of the various types of reports, what they do, and what they look like through the Netsweeper platform.

Terrorist and extremist content are on the rise on the internet — hate speech sites alone have more than doubled since the pandemic again. Our partner, the CTIRU (Counter Terrorism Internet Referral Unit) has seen a 7% increase in 2020 in the amount of suspected terrorist content, compared to the year previous. Now more than ever, web filtering has become a necessity to protect users from terrorism on the internet.

nClient Mobile is an innovative, patent pending technology for full device filtering on iOS and Android devices that complements our other premium endpoint clients and eliminates the limitations of SafeBrowser clients.

A simple animation demonstrating how Netsweeper blocks the web traffic of a denied request.

The digital landscape is constantly evolving and can expose students to new dangers that we may not be fully aware of. Learn about the tools we have to protect students from harm on the internet, such as the 4C’s of online safety (Content, Contact, Conduct, Contract or Commerce)

Learn about the challenges of illegal online gambling and how web filtering can help prevent it.

Online scams are on the rise and are the #1 reported crime globally. Learn how web filtering can help keep users safe online.

Learn about the problem of Encrypted DNS and how Netsweeper’s more robust deployment options remain unaffected by it.

The number of young people today experiencing mental health problems is on the rise. Close to 20% – one in five – young people are actively dealing with a mental health issue. Learn about the warning signs and how to help.

Fully integrated into the core Netsweeper platform, OnGuard™ technology works both online and offline, scanning internet content, desktop content, and user-submitted data in real-time — taking student protection beyond the URL.

If there’s something that almost all phishing emails have in common, it’s a sense of urgency. Hackers know we lead busy lives, and the more critical they can make their message feel, the less time you have to realize that what you’ve received is a phishing email before it’s too late. Here’s how Netsweeper can protect you!

Two Minute Tips

A video series where we cover how to utilize various components of the Netsweeper platform.

Our social media controls have the ability to control access to a variety of social media platforms and enables customization to fit your needs.

Optical character recognition (OCR) is part of OnGuard‘s technology. The OCR is especially important for student monitoring and works both online and offline, scanning content in real time.

Whether its out of the box language options of the extended list of languages that is enabled by the master admin, you have the ability to customize your WebAdmin to your language and needs.

Pre-made report templates are available right out of the box to WebAdmin users and can act as a starting point for all your reporting needs.

Learn how to make a custom report and where you can find them in your WebAdmin — the web application that manages the Netsweeper content filtering system

Learn about report notifications and how to set up a report alert in the WebAdmin.

Report templates can be created by users classified as admin with the respective account permissions and act as a starting point for all of your reporting needs.

In some cases, content you want to access might be blocked. However, filtering can be disabled for a specific website by valid accounts for the WebAdmin.

Learn how users with editing permissions can add add the “Disable Filtering Link” to a deny page in the WebAdmin.

See how Netsweeper gives teachers YouTube control flexibility, empowering them to shape their YouTube experience in the classroom.

New URLs are detected and categorized in real-time. This is necessary for staying up to date and keeping pace with the ongoing growth of the internet.

Delegated Administration enables system operators the ability to push filtering policy management to their teachers so that permissions can easily be delegated.

Simple Groups provide an easy-to-use interface for teachers, giving them access to the features they use most in the Netsweeper Group manager.

Schools using the Netsweeper filtering platform can easily block internet access during specific times via a Policy Event within their Policy Calendar.

The Netsweeper platform enables users to easily export their current list to an excel file, which can then be imported to the new deployment for a seamless transition.