How Can You Block CSAM, Enforce Compliance, and Boost Your Revenue?

Deploy Carrier-Grade Web Filtering and Value-Added Services at Scale

Looking for a high-performance web filtering solution that goes with the flow? Keep network traffic moving fast while protecting subscribers and businesses with Netsweeper’s zero-latency web and content filtering. Easy to manage and scale, our multi-tenancy solution delivers the security you need to fight CSAM, piracy, cyberthreats, scams, and more. Plus, our technology makes it easier to comply with the specific ISP laws for each country.

Are you a managed service provider (MSP)? Offer web filtering as a value-added service that help you reduce churn, attract new customers, increase average revenue per user (ARPU), and improve customer satisfaction and retention.

Simplify Regulatory Compliance for ISPs

Simplify Regulatory Compliance for ISPs

Minimize liability and adapt to changing legislation quickly with our industry-leading compliance solution. In addition to protecting subscribers from harmful content, and cyber-attacks, our web filtering solution blocks apps, content and web pages prohibited by law in nations throughout the world. This enables ISPs to protect internet users across any country and comply with government regulations.

oost Revenue and Efficiency with Value-Added Services

Boost Revenue and Efficiency with Value-Added Services

Are you an MSP looking for new revenue opportunities? Offer your customers dynamic web and content filtering as an added benefit. With our per-user policy, you can offer your subscribers secure, flexible services, such as parental controls, ad blocking and media monetization. In turn, you’ll retain existing customers, attract new ones, and increase ARPU.

Manage High-Demand Networks Cost Effectively

Benefit from a high-performance web filtering solution with hassle-free deployment and a low TCO. Our scalable platform manages increased network demands without impeding traffic speed or network performance. Capable of supporting carrier-grade web filtering on multiple 100G links, our solution is ideal for telecom providers. You’ll also save money on your investment thanks to our platform’s seamless integration with your existing infrastructure, which eliminates the need to buy additional hardware.

Secure Customer Networks and Devices from CSAM and Cyberthreats

Help your business customers deliver reliable, fast internet service that’s free from malware, ransomware, phishing, piracy, internet scams, and more. Netsweeper combines BGP routing and out-of-band web filtering technology to detect and block CSAM instantly. As an ISP, you can use our technology to filter CSAM in your network using as little as a single server. To prevent cyberattacks and data loss, our real-time, AI-powered web filter stops attackers right at the gateway.

Our Push for Digital Inclusion

To help narrow the digital divide for all people and communities, Netsweeper helps telecoms provide safe broadband and Internet access that complies with regulatory requirements. We also offer dynamic web filtering as a value-added service. Deployed in mobile networks, fixed line ISPs and global carriers, we make it easier for telecoms to secure users and data, while expanding access to digital resources.


Since the pandemic, the Internet Watch Foundation saw a 77% increase in the amount of self-generated child sexual abuse content.

Internet Watch Foundation (IWF)

The Netsweeper Difference for Telecom Providers

High Performance, Precise and Dynamic
High Performance, Precise, and Dynamic

Deploy the industry’s most accurate web filtering without slowing the network.

CSAM Blocking and Reporting
CSAM Blocking and Reporting

Prevent exposure to child exploitation content and report dangerous, illegal activity.

Media Monetization
Media Monetization

Deliver push messaging to subscribers through targeted ads to generate revenue.

Ad Blocking
Ad Blocking

Deliver fast page loads, remove internet trackers, and block ads for a better web experience.

Parental Controls
Parental Controls

Enable guardians to customize policies that protect children based on age, day, time, content type, and more.

Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Remove the cost of infrastructure purchases and core network changes; needs no extra on-premise equipment.

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