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Deliver Our Dynamic, AI-Powered Web Filtering Solution

Deliver Our Dynamic, AI-powered Web Filtering Solution

Productivity and digital safety are important for any business, but they’re especially critical for public sector organizations such as healthcare agencies, law enforcement, and public works. When workers abuse the internet, whether it’s posting inappropriate content to Twitter or watching online pornography, their employers face public inquiry and costly legal liability. To prevent these risks, public organizations need flexible technology that enables internet access, while controlling admission to potentially sensitive features or content.

Minimize Distractions and Risks with Flexible Controls

nFilter, our AI-powered, dynamic web filtering platform, analyzes, filters, and blocks prohibited internet content in real time. Flexible social media and web controls allow administrators to choose specific criteria, such as application, time of day, or user group, to manage access to apps, including Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. Simple, yet customizable reports give immediate insights into your network and alert you to activities that require additional monitoring or urgent action.


29.5% of working adults accessed adult websites during a one-month period.

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