Public Sector


Enforce Policies Easily with Our Dynamic Web and Content Filtering Solution

Deliver Our Dynamic, AI-powered Web Filtering Solution

Shifting internal policies, new and revised government regulations, and industry changes can make compliance overly complex for public sector agencies. IT administrators need flexible, easy-to-manage solutions that help them manage these tasks and generate reports without getting bogged down by unwieldy technology. A critical part of policy enforcement includes protecting workers from unsafe content and shielding institutions from liability related to internal misuse of social media apps and the internet.

Deploy a Scalable, Centralized Solution that Simplifies Compliance Across Devices

How does our dynamic, AI-powered web filtering solution make it easier for IT administrators to ensure regulatory compliance? It enables them to:

  • Enforce AUPs on and off the network to minimize liability and protect remote devices.
  • Manage policies, protect users, and enforce compliance easily from a single interface with centralized administration.
  • Enable access to the internet without impacting productivity by applying policies based on flexible criteria, such as user, group, applications, posts, and media transfer controls.
  • Integrate nClient seamlessly with nFilter to scan and monitor devices on and off the network.


78 percent of companies expect annual increases in regulatory compliance requirements.

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