Privacy Statement

Processing personal data & data protection

1) If and insofar as personal data are processed when using the System, this is solely the responsibility of Client.

2) If that is the case Client is the controller of the personal data (in accordance with article 4 GDPR) and therefore independently and solely responsible for the proper, lawful and transparent processing of personal data.

3) Client complies with the applicable privacy legislation, including the General Data Protection Regulation. This means, among other things, that Client complies with the provisions below.

4) Client implements a privacy policy and a processing register, records this in writing and keeps this up to date. This includes, among other things, in which situations, which personal data are processed and what the purpose of it is.

5) Client does not process and store personal data any longer than necessary to achieve its purpose.

6) If Client exports personal data outside the European Economic Area, this will only be done to a country where the European Commission has determined that it has an adequate level of protection (in accordance with Article 45 GDPR) or when Client offers appropriate safeguards (in accordance with Article 46 GDPR), such as through the use of binding corporate rules, standard data protection clauses or codes of conduct.

7) Client uses processor agreements in the event that it concludes contracts with third parties where personal data are processed on its behalf. Client also makes written agreements in the event that she is jointly responsible for processing with a third party.

8) Client informs data subjects in a timely and concise, understandable, accessible and transparent manner through privacy statements.

9) Client uses a protocol in case there is a data breach.

10) Client uses protocols in case a data subject makes use of her privacy rights.

11) Client entrusts one of its employees with compliance with privacy regulations. If Client has (also) appointed a data protection officer, this will be included in its privacy policy. If no data protection officer is appointed, then that choice will be justified in its privacy policy.

12) Client is responsible for appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect personal data.

13) Client assists the Company in the event that it is confronted with a privacy-related problem in which is involved or can somehow play a role in.

14) Client is liable if a fine is imposed on Netsweeper if this is the result of unlawful or negligent acts by Client. Netsweeper is not liable for claims of data subjects or other persons and organizations with which Client has entered into a cooperation or whose Client processes personal data, if this is the result of unlawful or negligent acts by Client. Client indemnifies Netsweeper in the event that it is held liable for breach of privacy regulations. Netsweeper reserves the right to claim compensation in the event that it sustains damage as a result of a violation of the privacy regulations by Client.

Version 21-01