Real-time data analysis and insights

Managing a filtering platform means making decisions about filtering policies and incidents. This requires meaningful information about user habits on your network. Netsweeper delivers this information via a powerful reporting framework that enables granular analytics.

Powerful logging, reporting, and analytics features:

  • Easy to use reports available “out of the box”
  • Customer reports can be created to drill into specific information
  • Reports can be scheduled on a variety of intervals
  • Report can be configured to alert key stakeholders of specific activities
  • Logger can be configured to maximize limited storage capacities

Highly configurable reporting framework enables granular analytics

The reporting engine can transform logging information into powerful insights. Out-of-the-box reports are available from initial deployment. You can also configure almost any type of report to perform the network analytics you need. On-demand or scheduled reports are easy to create and they can be viewed in the WebAdmin or delivered automatically to specific users.

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