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Why is Netsweeper the Go-to Solution for so Many Customers Worldwide?

Our web filtering products work better, make jobs easier, and reduce costs, both short and long term. As an industry leader, we develop and enhance our web filtering and content management technologies proactively. The result? Our AI-powered, real-time categorization platform detects content overlooked by our competitors. Plus, it’s widely recognized as the most accurate and comprehensive on the market. From shifting policies to new threats, our solutions scale and deploy easily to meet our customers’ changing needs and challenges.

Ideal for modern high-demand networks, our carrier-grade web filtering solution improves efficiency and security without impeding network performance. Want proof? Its speed, reliability, and value have been tested and validated in numerous telecom and education deployments worldwide for over 20 years.

Custom Configurations and Multiple Deployment Options You Won’t Find Anywhere Else


How Does Our Dynamic Web Filtering Technology Work?

Ideal for modern high-demand networks, our carrier-grade web filtering solution improves efficiency and security without impeding network performance. As a software-based solution, nFilter uses AI technology to perform dynamic categorization and analysis in real time, protecting all devices on and off the network. It can be custom configured for individual customer requirements and includes a variety of flexible deployment options, including cloud agents, hybrid cloud, in-line appliance, Layer 7, VM infrastructure, DNS, GRE tunneling, and IPSEC.

Why Netsweeper

Dynamic Classification
AI-Powered Dynamic Categorization
AI-Powered Dynamic Categorization

Stops new, unlisted threats in real time with dynamic URL filtering and category updates.

SSL Decryption
High-Performance, Carrier-Grade Web Filtering
High-Performance, Carrier-Grade Web Filtering

Delivers speed and reliability without latency for telecoms and governments.

Per-User Filtering
Threat Intelligence via Global Crowdsourcing
Threat Intelligence via Global Crowdsourcing

Gathers the latest data from customers worldwide for advanced real-time protection.

Seamless Authentication
Granular Reporting and Real-Time Alerts
Granular Reporting and Real-Time Alerts

Provides full network visibility and analytics for quick issue resolution.

SafeSearch Control
Multiple Deployment Options
Multiple Deployment Options

Supports cloud agents, hybrid cloud, in-line appliance, Layer 7, VM infrastructure, DNS, GRE tunneling, and IPSEC.

Social Media Blocking
Premium Hands-On Support
Premium Hands-On Support

Provides fast, responsive assistance and valuable technical expertise when you need it.

Global Crowdsourcing for Greater Protection

Want to know how many newly discovered websites we categorize within 24 hours? See our live updates to get an idea. Every customer contributes threat data to our categorization database, which we sort across 90+ categories. We share this data with our customers worldwide, essentially crowdsourcing threat intelligence to provide accurate, real-time protection across our products and services.

Insights on Internet Safety: Customer Stories

Trusted by Customers Worldwide

We are an education ISP, and the cornerstone of our service is appropriate web filtering for schools. Netsweeper helps us deliver — safe, secure, fast web access for children.

As a safeguarding governor of two schools, one thing I can definitively tell you is that Netsweeper exceeds the requirements needed under the safeguarding agenda.

Our biggest compliance need is making sure we're protecting the children within the school so safeguarding children is of paramount importance and they've done that in spades.

Netsweeper "Un"filtered: Our Take on Today's Top Issues

Pioneer and Leading Innovator in Web Filtering

Since 1999, Netsweeper has developed high performance web and content filtering technologies for schools, public agencies, telecoms, and governments worldwide. By working closely with our customers over the years, we’ve gained unique insight into their needs, challenges, and successes. It’s this valuable input, along with our technical expertise and threat intelligence, that guide how we enhance our technologies. Easy to manage, scalable and cost effective, our products protect users, prevent cyber threats, fight CSAM and harmful content, and enforce compliance with regulations and policies.


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