Netsweeper 5.1 is now Generally Available!

All customers should now start to plan their upgrade to Netsweeper 5.1.6.

The following major features are now available in the 5.1 release:

Selective SSL Decryption

  • Performance improvements and stability improvements
  • NSProxy can perform HTTP/HTTPS header manipulation with ICAP enabled, allowing YouTube restricted results to be enforced.

IIS Portal

  • The IIS Authentication Redirect Portal is an implementation of the Netsweeper authentication portal for Microsoft IIS.  The IIS Authenticated Redirect Portal can transparently authorize any user logged on to the Microsoft Domain where the portal has been installed.

WebAdmin 2016 Theme

  • New look and feel for the WebAdmin including improved usability enhancements

Category Updates

  • Adult Mixed Content, CTIRU List, Hacking, Marijuana, Military, Open Mixed Content, Translation, and Web Hosting.
  • In addition, the Category ‘Political’ has been renamed to ‘Government’ and the Category ‘Investing’ is now called ‘Financial Services’.
  • The Categories ‘Ad Blocking’ and ‘Substance Abuse’ have updated descriptions.

Reports, Charts and Graphs

  • Scatter Graphs display multiple data fields for a single grouping.
  • Time Lapse Reports: Multiple Scheduled Report instances can now be viewed over time in a motion chart.

You can find the Change Log and Download information at this link. If you have any questions or concerns about planning an upgrade to this release, please contact Netsweeper Technical Support