Netsweeper 5.0.8 GA Release!!

Netsweeper 5.0 has reached the Generally Availability milestone. The 5.0.8 GA release is the first GA release in the Netsweeper 5.0 release series, and now will be supported and maintained for critical issues, security related fixes. The 5.0 release is feature complete and is available for both download and upgrading your test environments. If you are running Netsweeper 4, you can quickly and easily upgrade to Netsweeper 5.0.

We recommend all customers start to plan a migration to the Netsweeper 5.0 release. The Netsweeper 5.0.8 release has met the objectives and is already running in production environments at a variety of customer locations.
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New Features include:

Next Generation Web Administration User Experience across any device;
Introducing fast NSProxy for Selective SSL decryption catering to 10GB+ multi-tenanted networks;
Anti-Terrorism Categorization, in collaboration with the UK Home Office’s “Prevent” agenda;
Real Time Monitoring Graphs, an ideal tool for System Administrators to find out historical performance data for their Netsweeper deployment;
Improved Time Policy Management making time segment configuration more intuitive and easy to use;
Substernal improvements to Reporter Performance making the module 1000x faster!

For customers running Netsweeper 3 or prior, a complete re-installation of the Netsweeper product is required to migrate to Netsweeper 4 and/or 5. This could require new hardware and a plan to migrate a production system over to the new release. For those customers who have already upgraded to the Netsweeper 4, a simple Web Upgrade is all that is required to move to the Netsweeper 5 release.

To make your migration easier, one important change in Netsweeper 4 was the support for the WebAdmin to provide configuration information to any policy service version 3.0 and newer. This allows for customers to plan an easy upgrade strategy to upgrade the WebAdmin and Reporter systems to Netsweeper 5 while leaving all policy services running their current version. Once the WebAdmin system has been upgraded, a more risk free approach to selectively upgrading policy services can be completed. For more information, you can read our Netsweeper 5 Migration document.

If you need assistance planning or performing your upgrade, please reach out to your Netsweeper Sales Representative for more information on the services we can provide. Please contact Sales now!