Netsweeper 5.0.4 Early Adopter Release

The Netsweeper 5.0.4 EA release is now available for both download and upgrading your test environments.

Netsweeper continues to develop and improve the new WebAdmin interface with a more responsive web design and a number of usability improvements.  The new interface provides optimal viewing that includes easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices (from desktops, tablets to mobile phones).

Updates in this release include:

  • Monitoring Graphs in the WebAdmin have been updated and improved with real-time graphs:
    • Create and modify custom graphs and set a default graph
    • Display historical data for the selected graph
    • Zoom in on graph selection
    • All available MIBs appear in the select boxes on page load
    • Graphs can be used in place of running nsrate, mpstat and top commands
  • Import and Export Policy Calendar Events
    • Each Policy Event import/export contains the time durations, the Policy and the Policy color
  • An NSProxy configuration file editor has been added to the WebAdmin.
  • Help text has been added to all windows in the WebAdmin.

Moving forward Netsweeper is focused on stability, QA and a production migration to the Netsweeper 5.0 release.   We anticipate 5.0.5 or 5.0.6 will meet our Quality Assurance and production readiness metrics equating to 5.0 Generally Available release for all 4.1.X customers to leverage.  For more release information, please contact Netsweeper Technical Support.