March Porn Categorization Language Update!

Well, this is a bit embarrassing as our prior news release stated Netsweeper would be supporting the following languages on April 26th, but our amazing categorization team is seven weeks ahead of schedule and we are proud to announce that we are actively detecting Pornography for:

Catalan Icelandic
Danish Malay
Dutch Polish
Indonesian Tagalog

Furthermore, Netsweeper has also updated the following languages for Pornography detection:

Hindi Romanian
Hungarian Urdu

…and we are now actively testing the following languages with an anticipated April 5th, 2016 release date:

Somali Irish
Bangla Norwegian
Croatian Thai
Estonian Bulgarian
Swedish Traditional Chinese

If you feel there is a language we have not yet considered, or if you would like to recommend a language for categorization considerations, please let us know. Furthermore, as we move forward, please pass along any thoughts and experiences managing your network with the Netsweeper categorization technology.

With regards,

Netsweeper Categorization Team