Join the Netsweeper Collective Cloud Categorization Experience

When using Netsweeper, all benefit from the collective surfing patterns of participants. For example, if a student at a school goes to a Web Proxy, all other schools or customers benefit from that student’s actions. If an individual unexpectedly surfs to a new site containing pornography, all other customers immediately inherit the classification of that website. In the latter example, we support many languages and are leveraged in a vast number of countries (actually, in over 30), hence when joining the platform, all customers experience the peer-to-peer benefits of our premium Cloud based categorization capabilities.

Furthermore, our Content Support and Development Team monitors all traffic passing through our categorization engine and continually enhances and responds to new types of web proxies and content types on a daily basis.

So, what are you waiting for? Join the Netsweeper collective categorization platform experience and you’ll benefit from all the schools, businesses and individuals (over 500 million in total) that rely on the premium content classification service!

Netsweeper is safe, simple, and secure.