Categorization Language Update!

Netsweeper has commenced a new round of language testing and will be providing support for all languages, which represent content equal to or greater than 1% as observed by our url filtering categorization engines on a daily basis. An important technology milestone for us as we expand our language categorization breadth and training to a global scale!

As of today, Netsweeper Active Languages are as follows:

English Persian Vietnamese Arabic
Spanish Romanian German Korean
Hindi French Turkish Urdu
Russian Italian Serbian Hungarian
Portuguese Simplified Chinese Japanese

Currently, in production testing with an anticipated April 26th 2016 release date we expect the following languages to be enabled for all Netsweeper customers:


Dutch Malay Tagalog Somali
Indonesian Polish Danish Catalan

Our categorization goal is to support all languages and to drive “by-pass filtering” to zero or near zero. As always, if you feel there is a language we have not yet considered, or if you would like to recommend a language for categorization considerations, please let us know.

Furthermore, as we move forward, please pass along any thoughts and experiences managing your network with the Netsweeper categorization technology.

With regards,
Netsweeper Categorization Team