Under Pressure to Stop CSAM, Terrorist Content and Web Threats?

Secure Your Internet Countrywide and Digital Sovereignty with Scalable, Compliant, and Easy-to-Manage Web Filtering

Our digitally connected world can be complicated. Laws and regulations differ widely among countries, leading governments to seek easy-to-customize web filtering and policy enforcement within their boundaries. With a recent push towards digital sovereignty, nations are pursuing ownership, control and regulation of their data and digital assets. To simplify these sweeping challenges, Netsweeper delivers flexible, scalable countrywide solutions that protect citizens, enforce compliance, and prevent revenue loss. All without impeding network performance.

With governments required to implement web filtering through their telecom providers, our platform, already in use by telecoms worldwide—is an ideal fit that’s proven to perform.

Enforce regulatory compliance and prepare countrywide policies

Enforce Regulatory Compliance and Prepare Countrywide Policies

Apply and enforce policies countrywide with granular internet controls and easy-to-read reporting. In addition to protecting citizens from harmful content and cyber-attacks, our web filtering technology blocks apps and web pages that are prohibited by law in nations throughout the world. This ensures full compliance with the unique legal requirements of each government. Need help preparing legislation before you implement our web filtering solution? Take advantage of our hands-on policy development services.

Prevent radicalization, CSAM and social media misinformation

Prevent Radicalization, CSAM, and Social Media Misinformation

Stop cyber threats, child exploitation, and terrorist content with our AI-powered, dynamic categorization platform. With the industry’s most accurate web filter, it blocks illegal and illicit content in real time. Use flexible social media tools to prevent fake news, the proliferation of extremism, and other social media content that threatens to destabilize governments and economies.

Advance Digital Sovereignty

Secure and regulate data countrywide, even in today’s borderless digital landscape. Netwseeper helps governments enforce their digital sovereignty, protecting citizens as well as economic and political interests, with a customizable web filtering solution that’s easy to scale and manage.

Increase Revenue and Simplify Tax Enforcement

Enforce your country’s tax laws and collect ecommerce sales taxes seamlessly with Netsweeper’s VAT/Sales Tax Collections and Enforcement solution. Positioned in a country’s gateway, our platform collects the tax from an eCommerce transaction and remits it to the appropriate jurisdiction anywhere in the world securely and quickly.

Our Push for Digital Inclusion

To help narrow the digital divide for all people and communities, Netsweeper helps telecoms provide safe broadband and Internet access that complies with regulatory requirements. We also offer dynamic web filtering as a value-added service. Deployed in mobile networks, fixed line ISPs and global carriers, we make it easier for telecoms to secure users and data, while expanding access to digital resources.


In 2021, 85 million pieces of CSAM were reported online, a 35% increase since 2020.

European Union Commission

The Netsweeper Difference for Countrywide Solutions

AI-Driven Content Categorization
AI-Driven Content Categorization

Fast and accurate content analysis with unlimited scalability.

BGP Routing and Out-Of-Band Web Filtering Technology
BGP Routing and Out-of-Band Web Filtering Technology

Filters and blocks CSAM efficiently and affordably.

Network-level filtering with nClient
Network-Level Filtering with nClient

AI-powered technology provides the most complete protection against harmful and unwanted content.

High Performance
High Performance

Fast, carrier-grade, multi-tenant content filtering solution.

Central Administration
Central Administration

Universal policy management and single-source enforcement across multiple networks.

Actionable Reporting
Actionable Reporting

Comprehensive dashboard with alerts for activities of interest and relationships with jurisdictional law enforcement.

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