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Looking for a company that values your contributions and invests in your future? Want to be part of an innovative team that makes the internet a safer place? Bring your talent to Netsweeper, a leader in web and content filtering technology for more than two decades. Our vibrant, dynamic company culture, flexible remote work options, and great benefits are just a few reasons our people stay here for so long. The biggest motivation? We love what we do, and we think you will too.


We are a diverse bunch. Our personalities, experiences, backgrounds, and skills vary widely, but these differences create great opportunities for growth as individuals and as a team. From solving complex problems to team building antics, we respect one another’s input and have a lot of fun!


We are enthusiastic! We believe in what we do and work hard to improve digital safety and wellbeing. By encouraging our people to speak up and share their ideas, we believe that their passion will lead to better customer and internet experiences.


We are an optimistic team. We see great potential—in our people, our technologies, and the internet—and we invest in them. Our team members are encouraged to try new things, think in new ways, and learn new skills. We want them to thrive in their careers, so we look for ways to help them reach their potential

Netsweeper was founded and built on the mission of safeguarding the internet and its users worldwide for education and productivity.

Perry Roach
Chief Executive Officer and Founder


Health Plans
Health Plans

Our health benefits plan includes coverage for prescriptions, paramedical, and a healthcare spending account.

Generous Vacation
Generous Vacation

All full-time team members start with three weeks of vacation, which increases along your years at the company.

Professional Growth
Professional Growth

We offer all team members a generous annual stipend to use for professional development and skills training.

Health Plans
Flexible Workspace

Choose the onsite, remote or hybrid work option that best fits your career and lifestyle.

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