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Leading the Development of Web Filtering Technologies for 22+ Years

Netsweeper develops dynamic, AI-driven web and content filtering technologies for schools, public agencies, telecom providers, and governments worldwide. Making the internet safe, yet accessible for everyone we serve is our mission, our singular focus, and our passion. Our choice to specialize in web filtering technologies versus a “jack of all trades, master of none” approach, is why our solutions are the most accurate, comprehensive and effective in the industry.

For over two decades, we’ve seen how the changes, challenges, and opportunities associated with the internet shape the way we do business, learn, interact, and think. We’ve also worked side by side with our customers to fully understand their needs, obstacles, and successes. These valuable insights, along with global, crowdsourced customer intelligence, guide how we enhance our existing technologies and innovate for the future. As a result, our products protect users, prevent cyber threats, fight CSAM, block harmful content, and enforce regulatory compliance effectively, easily, and affordably.


"We believe it's our job to help everyone access digital tools equitably and safely..."

Our mission is to benefit people, organizations, and ultimately society, by embracing the positive potential of the internet while reducing its negative impacts. We believe it’s our job to help everyone access digital tools equitably and safely, freeing them to work, learn, create, play, and share without threats or risks. To make this happen, we continually enhance and develop our dynamic web and content filtering technologies, ensuring they’re easy to use and scale, remote-friendly and highly reliable.


"...we hope to make digital spaces healthier, more inclusive, and more constructive for people, businesses, and institutions."

Our vision is to transform the digital landscape into a safer, more beneficial environment for all. By fostering partnerships that fight CSAM and illicit content, deepening our global customer threat data, and building on our AI and real-time technologies, we hope to make digital spaces healthier, more inclusive, and more constructive for people, businesses, and institutions.

Company Culture

Making a World of Difference

At Netsweeper, we make a difference for our customers, our communities, and our team members. While so many businesses experience frequent turnover and discontent, most of our employees stay for the long term. We attribute this lasting satisfaction to our supportive environment, great benefits, flexible workplace, and capable leadership. Our people feel good about what they do, and we feel good about investing in their potential.

We believe in:

  • Promoting a healthy work/life balance
  • Cultivating a respectful, supportive work environment
  • Offering remote and hybrid work options
  • Investing in our employees and their development
  • Providing a generous benefits package
  • Creating a productive yet fun atmosphere
  • Giving back to our communities
  • Championing social and environmental responsibility

Netsweeper was founded and built on the mission of safeguarding the internet and it's users worldwide for education and productivity.

Perry Roach
Chief Executive Officer and Founder


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